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Why did we start Heart & Home Properties?

Over the summer, while discussing real estate, April, Kate, and John discovered they had several things in common. First, both April and Kate come from healthcare backgrounds. April as a Respiratory Therapist and Kate as a licensed Nursing Home Administrator. The second, was that many of the houses that they purchased in the past were from seniors who needed to go to the next level of care- whether it be personal care or a nursing home. Families were struggling with the overwhelming task of cleaning out a home, fixing up the home, and selling it to pay for care. 


In the past, families had to find us. More and more we would hear from families: “Why don’t more people know your service exists?” We started wondering the same thing! We didn’t want families to have to struggle to find us and hear about our services. Together, we brainstormed ideas on how we can get in front of people to let them know about our services.

Today, Heart & Home Properties specifically works with only the senior population and the hurdles they and their families face when selling a home. Our goal is to alleviate stress, streamline the process and ensure smooth transactions for our clients. 

With over 13 years of experience in healthcare, real estate, and construction, we are not your typical real estate company. We have a deeper understanding of what families are going through & go the extra mile to meet their needs and give them options to find solutions for their real estate needs. Learn more about our home buying business and senior placement help on our FAQs page.

April Crossley, Senior Home Buyer

April Crossley

April Crossley has been helping homeowners in Berks County for over 10 years. During this time she has purchased homes in all types of conditions from families in all different situations. Prior to working in real estate, April worked as a respiratory therapist in healthcare for 13 years. Her background in healthcare carries over into real estate with an extra level of empathy, connection, and caring for families. Most of her real estate business comes from referrals by attorneys, healthcare workers, and families she has worked with in the past.  April is a lifelong Berks County resident. In her off time, she enjoys traveling as much as possible, spending time with family & caring for her grandmother.

Kate Huck, Real Estate Buyer

Kate Huck

Kate Huck is a lifelong Berks County resident. In college and graduate school, she studied politics, history, and business. Kate went on to become a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and for the past twelve years has worked in both long-term and acute care. Recognizing the significant need for specialized real estate services directed towards Seniors, Kate co-founded Heart and Home Properties in 2018. Passionate about empathetically understanding people’s unique needs, Kate makes sure that clients and families understand and feel comfortable with their real estate options. In her free time, Kate’s favorite hobbies include playing with her 3-year old son, spending time with family and friends, and reading.

John Huck, Local Home Buyer

John Huck

Born and raised in Wernersville, John Huck is a true Berks County local. With over 15 years-experience in home remodels, construction, and heavy infrastructure repair, John faces project management of any home with confidence and care. With firsthand experience, John understands the sensitive nature and emotion that people experience when moving their loved ones out of their homes. When he’s not managing real estate projects, John loves to do anything outdoors including hunting, hiking, and playing with his son Max. His favorite place to be is in the mountains of Susquehanna County.