Need to Sell Your Home Quick?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything for you to come out and look at my property?

We help homeowners with homes in all types of conditions. Sometimes homes are in great shape but a homeowner just needs to sell quickly to liquidate and pay for care at a facility or doesn’t have the means to clean out the home. This is something we discuss during our consultation when we try to determine which option for selling is best for you and your family.

My home is in very bad condition:

We help homeowners with homes in all types of condition. We have purchased homes in the past that are hoarding situations, homes that are coated in nicotine on the inside, homes that are infested, homes that are falling apart. In 12 years of doing this we have seen it all and are able to look past anything to provide you with your options for selling.

No. We do free consultations. We like to come out and speak with the seller and/or their family to find out what their needs are to help point them in the right direction with the sale of their home.  Every situation is unique and it helps us help you better if we can take some time to get to know what your needs are.

How Quickly Can you Purchase My Home?

We can purchase a home in as little as a week, but we also never rush the process.  We purchase on a timeline that is convenient to the seller and/or their family.

What if we are applying for Medicaid? How does the sale affect this?

We are well versed in the Medicaid process and well educated on the look-back period. We put together a package for the facility and the Medicaid liaison for approval so that you do not have to worry.  During our consultation we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about this process.

What happens to all the stuff I leave behind when I sell my home?

We take care of getting rid of anything you don’t want to pack or take with you. We work with several local charities that come in and take things like kitchen supplies, furniture, etc. that they can use.  Our clean-out crews are very good at reaching out to sellers after the sale if they find anything they feel may be sentimental or of value to the seller that was left behind accidentally.  You do not have to clean out the home, we will take care of that for you.

Am I obligated to sell my house to you?

Absolutely Not! We will provide you with a cash offer and the market value for listing the home. We can help you with both options, but there is no cost or obligation to consult with us for your options.  We strive to provide solutions that best suit your family under no obligation.

How much will you pay for my house?

We take into consideration the current market value, the condition of the home, the cost of renovations, updating and repair to sell the home and the holding costs. We look at all of this along with comparable homes that have sold in your area to determine the value.

My Home is not in Bad Condition:

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Trying to Sell Your Home?

You’ve Got Options

Drop us a line so that we an reach out and schedule and appointment with you.


During our appointment, we will explain our process, answer your questions & evaluate the condition of your home.  We give you the market value of the home and also a quick, fair cash offer for the home.  We will schedule a closing date, pay all of the closing costs & take care of all the paperwork.  We can close as quickly as a week, or whatever time frame is convenient for you.

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