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Selling your home and moving into a senior care facility can be an overwhelming time. We are here to help ease this process. We are connected with some great senior care facilities in the Berks, Montgomery and Lehigh County area and can quickly buy your home for cash that you can put towards retirement living.

Case Study 1:

The seller of this home in Exeter, PA saw our interview on BCTV. She called us and said her home had been sitting vacant for about a year. She had transitioned to a personal care facility. We met her daughter at the house to take a look at it. The house was full of contents and in need of repair. The daughter, an only child, worked full time and had no one to help her with cleaning out the property or repairing any parts of it for sale.


After a year of paying taxes and utilities on an empty house, the owner just wanted it sold quickly. They had spoken to another company about buying the house that was not interested in listening to what the family’s true needs were. We took a look at the home and gave the family their options for selling. They wanted a few weeks to remove some personal contents. Within 3 weeks they called us that they were done removing what they wanted and were going to leave the rest of the contents behind. We purchased the house without doing any inspections and we took care of cleaning it out so that the family wouldn’t have to. The seller was relieved to not have to worry about the house, paying bills on it anymore, and selling it without having to repair anything or clean it out.  

Paying Taxes & Utility Bills on An Empty House for Over a Year

Case Study 2:

Seller had $10 in her pocket & needed to liquidate quickly

The seller of this home in Shillington, PA was referred to us by a home care company. We were called in to buy the home quickly. It had not been updated since the 1950s, was full of contents, infested with roaches, and the seller had to pay for a care facility… quickly! She needed to move to the care facility that week or she would lose her spot on the waiting list.  When we met the seller she had no family to help her and said: “Please help me, I only have $10 in my pocket and all of my money is tied up in my house.”


We gave the seller multiple options for selling and were able to buy the house to get her money to pay for care within a week. During the process, we donated the food she had in the house to her neighbors per her request.  We were able to locate her husband’s death certificate for her so that the house could be sold. We held settlement at the care facility so they would not have to transport her to a title company. And we took her proceeds check to her bank for her afterwards so that money would be in her account immediately for the care facility. During the process we stayed in constant contact with the care facility that she was going to & the home care company that referred her.

Case Study 3:

Selling a House FULL of Contents & in Need of Significant Repair

The seller of this home in Shillington, PA was referred to us by a home care company.

The house was extremely full of contents and in need of some major repair. It had old windows, knob and tube wiring and was very dated.  The family did not want to have to clean out the property or make any repairs to put it on the market.


We were called in to give them their options for selling and they chose to sell cash. We coordinated the timing of settlement based on what was convenient for the family and also the seller’s move to the personal care facility. We took care of transferring over all of the utilities and all of the details to make things as stress free and convenient as possible for the seller. Most of the contents of the house were donated to the Veterans Association.


This was a quick, easy, stress-free sale for the family and the owner!

Case Study 4:

Family is Overwhelmed & Ready to Give the House to the Bank

This home is located in Exeter, PA and was referred to us by a personal care facility.


The family was very overwhelmed as the house was overflowing with contents and in need of significant repair and updating both inside and outside. The home was very let go. They wanted the home sold quickly and as-is so they would not have to clean it out or make any repairs and did not want it to deteriorate any worse.


During the process we were able to help the family put a power of attorney in place for their father (one of the sellers) who’s condition was deteriorating. This POA was necessary in order for the family to move forward with the sale of the house. In coordination with the facility we helped navigate the family through this process and the POA was obtained quickly.  When we were over that hurdle, an unexpected lien showed up on the title of the house which would have put the amount owed on the home over what it was worth. Because of our 12+ years of experience in real estate we were able to connect with our contacts and have this lien negotiated down so that the house could be sold.


In spite of some obstacles, this house we purchased the house quickly and full of stuff and walked the family through the process so they did not have the stress and worry of going about the process on their own!

Case Study 5:

Seller’s Family Needs to Move On in a Hurry From the House

This home is located in Temple, PA and was referred to us by a personal care facility.


The seller already moved to a Personal Care facility in Berks County. His daughter and son in law were in charge of cleaning out the house and getting it ready to list on the market. They were overwhelmed by the process and the facility referred them to us. We met with them and gave them multiple options for selling. They quickly accepted our cash offer and within a few weeks, we settled on the house.


At settlement, seller’s daughter said “I am so grateful to you for the service you provide. I am leaving for my milestone birthday Alaskan cruise and because of your company, I can on this dream vacation and stop worrying. Thank you for this amazing service.”


The home was not full of stuff and was not in bad condition. It was dated and needed some work. But time was of the essence to the family in this case and they wanted it sold quickly so they could move on and enjoy their vacation without worrying about a vacant house.

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